Cash is Waiting Via a Title Loan

A car collateral loan, also called a title loan, provides a quick way to get cash in the time of need. If you’re 18 or older and own a car with a clear title, you may qualify for a loan. Monies obtained via a loan can be used for any purpose that you see fit. But remember, get a loan only if you can repay the money.  The last thing that you want is to get in over your head if you get a loan, especially when your vehicle is being used as collateral and is at risk.

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An Easy Path to Fast Cash

Title loans are available in as little as 24-hours so there is no waiting around to get money. There’s no credit check needed to get a title loan. Simply complete an application and you will have an answer in a short time. Most applications are approved. Credit problems happen to good people and some loan providers think these people still deserve a chance in life. So, if you have some credit problems in your past, that is a worry that you can leave behind now.  You can get a car collateral loan pomona ca no matter what your credit looks like.

Get Money in Your Hands

How much money do you get in a car title loan? The loan value is based on the car and the ability to repay. Loan for up to half the Kelly Blue Book value of the car are available. You will repay the money over a period of months. There is an interest fee applies to the loan. You supply the lender with the title and once the money is repaid, you receive the title to the car back. You keep the car and use it as normal.